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Ordering and Payment

 --We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, personal checks, and money orders

--We cannot accept returns; all sales are final

--No refunds (for any reason except our error)

--If you have technical order questions, please click the "Contact Us" link near the bottom of every page.   We cannot respond to health related questions.

--We do not accept responsibility for the safety of packages after they leave our hands.  Our packaging is excellent (in over five years, there have only been three bottles reported broken).  Adding insurance to your order during Checkout is the only way to guarantee you will be reimbursed if your package is damaged in shipping.

--When you place an order, you will receive a confirming email within a few minutes. If you don't receive the confirmation email that means we did not receive your order (and you will need to place your order again). We will contact you if we happen to receive a duplicate order.

--International Orders -  We cannot possibly keep up with customs regulations worldwide, and we certainly cannot control what customs does.   Hence we are not responsible for parcels once they leave our hands.   If a parcel is returned to us, we will be happy to repackage and resend it to the same/different address after receiving your payment for reshipping.  We cannot give refunds for parcels that are confiscated, nor can we offer refunds for parcels that are returned.  We destroy all products that are returned (unless the original buyer opts to have them resent).

--Orders from outside the US must be paid in US Dollars (credit card or PayPal only)

--PLEASE be kind and remember that we are a two-person operation (in a 900 sq ft house) with extremely limited time & space (and we package & bottle each order "to order"). This means we may start packaging your order within minutes of receiving it (because we have to work very quickly and 'at all hours' to ensure prompt shipping). So PLEASE (again :) --no matter what your payment method-- if you make a mistake or you find it necessary to cancel an order, Contact Us immediately to let us know.