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Welcome to the Herbal Apothecary...

...where you will find a large selection of top-grade organic herbal tinctures, teas, cleanses & blends; many based on Dr. Christopher & Dr. Schulzes original formulas.

Our goal is simple...to be of service to our fellow, like-minded brothers & sisters (throughout the world) by providing the best quality herbal products available (without traveling around the globe to source the herbs), at prices that are realistically affordable.

(Speaking of prices, we haven't had a price increase for almost 10 years, and one is long overdue - and will be coming soon. So stocking-up is definitely a good idea!)

We don't have fancy labels or packaging. We don't have a fancy website. We use only certified organic herbs (or legitimately wild-crafted when organic is unavailable). All of our tinctures are made according to Dr. Schulzes teachings (the jars are at least 50% full of herbs!), and they're tinctured & pressed according to the moon cycle...many are tinctured for several moon-cycles before being pressed.

We are just two simple people that saw a need and have devoted our life to doing our doing our best to fill it.

We hope you'll join our 'Herbal Apothecary family' where we're all doing our best to be one the changes this ole world so desperately needs!