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*!* 4 Day Flash Sale *!*


Yes indeedy, it's true! It's true!

Starting right now (until 11:59pm EST Saturday July 2), your Herbal Apothecary is discounting ALL products (except Lady's Slipper tincture) by 15%-20%!

How amazing is this? When we opened in 2009, the prices were a solid 20-40% below retail; we have never (yet) increased prices...and for the next four days you can add 15-20% more into your savings bank!

Here's how it works...

Fill up your cart with all the herbal goodness your heart desires, and anytime while shopping type the code: FLASH15 into the Apply Coupon box, and click APPLY.  This will take 15% off everything in your cart.  We've customized the items selected on the homepage (below) that are eligible for a 20% discount to automatically add an additional 5% discount...so you don't have do anything to get the extra 5% on those products other than add them to your cart (that has the FLASH15 Coupon added).

The Rewards Points system has been disabled for this event

Terms & Tidbits of the *!* FLASH SALE *!*

-- Payment *must* be made via PayPal or Credit Card to take advantage of these prices!

-- First come, first served

-- There will possibly be shipping delays (we will notify you if it will be longer than 2-3 business days)

-- Due to the typical 'summer order doldrums', we keep inventory low (and fresh)...so there may be some selections that go out-of-stock in the upcoming 4 days.  If this happens we will ship what we can, refund any difference in shipping, and let you know when the remaining order will be shipped.  We will pick up any additional shipping charges for back orders, except in the case of international orders

-- Any international order that includes an out-of-stock will be handled individually (we will contact you directly)


The products shown below will receive the additional 5% discount